Do you need a full guest room installation? Are you looking for a company to handle the removal of furniture and fixtures during a hotel renovation? Or maybe you are upgrading guest room TVs and require the installation of new ones?

The Install Crew can handle any of these tasks! From full-package installations to liquidations and more, The Install Crew can complete anything your job requires.

We dedicate a site supervisor to every job, no matter how big or small, who serves as a point of contact for the hotel, the procurement company, the project manager and any other important players. In addition, we provide detailed delivery lists for the warehouse, room plans and room inventory sheets that can be quickly and easily referenced for missing or damaged items. Our dedicated site supervisor, product and room management systems and experienced crew are key to delivering quality work and set us apart from our competitors. Hire The Install Crew and you’ll get a talented and experienced group of installers — all doing their best work to get your job done beyond your expectations.

Full Package Installation

The Install Crew professionally handles your full package installations in guest rooms and public space taking special care to meet deadlines, solve problems, communicate progress, work effectively with trades and focus on the little details too.

A full-package installation from The Install Crew includes:

  • receiving and installing all furniture, upholstery, lighting, artwork, mirrors, TVs, safes and signage
  • installing bathroom hardware and accessories (if required)
  • managing delivery lists and physical deliveries and coordinating with warehouse and trucking
  • coordinating and managing the loading dock alongside hotel loading dock staff to ensure minimal disruption to normal daily delivery service
  • reporting to procurement or project management about missing or damaged goods
  • quality control without 10 point inspection list
  • detailing rooms in preparation for housekeeping and maintenance making their jobs much easier
  • waste removal

Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment Liquidation

The Install Crew has experience managing FF & E liquidations for a variety of hotel renovations and is particularly flexible working amidst the hectic pace of renovation projects. You can expect the following from The Install Crew when hiring us for a FF & E liquidation:

  • removal of all furniture, fixtures and equipment in full or partial hotel renovation
  • coordination and management of the loading dock alongside hotel loading dock staff to ensure minimal disruption to normal daily delivery service
  • recycling or reusing product in partnership with recyclers and liquidators so that minimal product goes to landfills


The Install Crew partners with professional and reputable warehouse and transport companies across Canada to provide just-in-time deliveries to site.

Operating Supplies & Equipment (OS & E) Installation

The Install Crew effectively coordinates the installation of OS & E. Our attention to detail makes us particularly well-suited to this type of project.

An OS & E installation by The Install Crew includes the receipt and placement of operational items directly to rooms. Product placement is important to you so we work with you to meet your exact requirements for where things go. We unwrap all goods and remove all waste.

Special Capital Projects

The Install Crew can handle your smaller scale projects with ease. Do you need some new beds installed? Have you updated signage and need it replaced? We can do these tasks and more. The Install Crew is experienced at:

  • bed programs
  • TV programs
  • desk chair programs
  • reading light installation
  • safe installation
  • security hardware installation
  • signage